2018 - Raising Heights

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2018 - Raising Heights


Establishment - Resource Foundation Master Plan Complex
Get Your Own Vehicle
Create More Projects
Collect Multiple Funds
Start Community College
Utilize Own Office Set Up for Consultancy
Enlarge Consultancy Works
Start Widow Mothers Program
Concentrate VIBHAVANI Interventions
Start Income Generations Activities for Women in Distress
Establishing Rural Youth Orientation Centers
Maintain Good Relationships with the Collaborators
- Digitals, Schools, Volunteers, CBOS
Medical & Health Services
Extend Green Villages Movement
Give Priority to the Eye Vision Power of the School Children
Organize Camps on Ortho Care

Our Service Units:

  1. Green Villages Movement
  2. Our School Our Development
  3. Consultancy Centre for Higher Education
  4. Child Welfare Council
  5. Tailoring Skill Training Centre for Rural Women
  6. Rural Educational Parks
  7. Thondu Niruvana Melanmai Monthly (E – Magazine)

Self supported Programme:

  1. Training of seminar for NGO Leader.
  2. Creating Training for NSS Students.
  3. General / Eye/ Nature care camps.
  4. Rural Children Educational Development Programme.
  5. Abdulkalam 2015 – An Intervention for the Intellectual and scientific knowledge Development of the Students.

Consultancy Services:

  1. Preparing Trust Deeds and related documents
  2. Training on NGO Management to Development Workers
  3. Training on Project proposal Writing
  4. Preparing Project Proposals year planners supportive docments
  5. Preparing 35 A&C, 35 1&2
  6. Applying for 12AA, 80G,
  7. Training to youth on Creativity Training
  8. Training to women SHGs
  9. Visiting NGOs for Project Verification
  10. Coordinating NGO leaders and development workers to National and Regional Training Centers.